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My Projects

My relationship with my clients is solid, and they are the core of Urban Tech Gurl. I am passionate about what I do. This is represented in how my work is designed, function, and how my clients feel once they receive quality customer service. I have a diverse array of clients who offers services and sells products in all types of industries. Please view my portfolio below.


1. Embrace Destiny Inc.

Embrace Destiny Inc. is a start-up nonprofit organization operating out of  Washington, DC. Their programs assist women and girls by focusing on personal development, providing tools to support a positive life trajectory  while breaking generational cycles. We promote women and girls to become leaders within their communities.

Industry: Nonprofit

Service Provided: Website Creation


2. RH Staffing and Resources

RH Staffing and Resources is a home health care business operating in the Philadelphia area.  Their mission is to connect lives to the daily world. They provide vast majority of services to seniors.

Industry: Home Health Care

Service Provided: Website Creation


3. Eye Cee You Cutie Bar, LLC 

Eye Cee You Cutie Bar, LLC is a unisex boutique based out of Lynchburg, Virginia. They promote self-care by selling natural skincare solutions and one of kind fashion pieces.

Industry: Skincare 

Services Provided: Social Media Content Creation


4. My Family Home Health Care LLC

My Family Home Healthcare LLC operating out of Missouri. They offer personal care assistance for your seniors and persons with intellectual disabilities. 

Industry: Home Health Care  


  • Website Creation

  • Logo Creation


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