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Digital Solution Case Studies

Urban Tech Gurl Rebrand

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Explore the successful re-launch of Urban Tech Gurl's website, where we addressed limitations in pricing information, service showcase, and design to create an empowering user experience.


Enhance user experience with clear pricing information and a comprehensive service showcase. Create an engaging design that empowers clients to design on their own.


Conducted user research, redesigned website structure, collaborated with Urban Tech Gurl team, implemented an orange and white color scheme, and established a support system.


Increased conversion rates, improved service awareness, and empowered experience for clients. Importance of addressing client pain points and providing transparent information. Offering an empowering user experience with transparency and comprehensive service showcase.

Serrita Parker Wellness & Coaching


Serrita Parker Wellness & Coaching, located in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, underwent a transformation to become the "Goddess Oasis." Founder Serrita Parker faced the challenge of rebranding her business to attract a new and diverse clientele while maintaining her wellness and coaching essence. This case study outlines the steps taken to revitalize her business.


Serrita Parker's business faced a challenge when it no longer resonated with her client base. The task was to rebrand the business to attract a new clientele while preserving her core values.


Rebranding: A marketing plan was developed to inform potential clients about the business's transformation. Flyers, social media, and website updates were used to promote events and maintain an online presence. Standard operational procedures were implemented to ensure a consistent and high-quality client experience. An effective follow-up process was introduced to collect reviews and feedback, strengthening the business's reputation


Aesthetic Enhancement: The physical space was revamped to create a more feminine, healing, and luxurious atmosphere.


Client Experience:The ambiance was enhanced with greenery and complimentary amenities, fostering a sense of community.


Unique Services & Goods: Exclusive experiences, special events, and unique services were introduced to distinguish the Goddess Oasis. Introduced accessories product line and wellness tools in the shop.


  • Clientele Growth

  • Positive Word of Mouth

  • Increased Revenue

  • Enhanced Brand Image:


Please take a moment to look at a selection of photographs expertly captured, artfully directed, and thoughtfully designed products by Urban Tech Gurl.





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